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How does it work?

The Rabo Pre-seed Fund is an initiative of Rabobank Utrecht, Utrecht University, Utrecht Holdings and Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RvO), executed by UtrechtInc. It helps ambitious startup entrepreneurs to overcome their first funding needs and accelerate development of  innovative and scalable ideas.


It is often hard to get proper funding from investors or regular banks if you are an early stage startup. As an attractive alternative, the Rabo Pre-seed Fund can provide you a loan of up to €68,000.

For who?

  • You need funding for your startup (max. 5 years old).
  • Your regular bank refuses to give you a loan.
  • You are a BV, registered at a Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
  • You have a technology (IT) driven business idea in Climate, Health or Education.
  • You have the ambition to turn the idea into a fast growing and scalable business.
  • You have the competence in your team to make it happen.
  • You have a clear business model.
  • You have some traction (profitability, revenues, active users, clients, engagement, traffic).
  • You will spend most of the loan on the development of your product.
  • You are participating in the programs of UtrechtInc – the business incubator of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht.

In short, what are the terms?

  • €18,000 loan facility upon successful completion of UtrechtInc validation program. The interest rate is 2,5% for this loan.
  • Extra loan facility of max €50,000 available for startups in ‘Acceleration’ program of UtrechtInc, against 8% per year interest rate, provided you invest an amount of 20% of the total pre-seed loan from your own funds. If not, the interest rate is 12,5%.
  • You will substantiate the financial needs of your business with a budget and/or offers of third party suppliers.
  • Rabo Pre-seed Fund has to approve the budget before signing a Loan Agreement.
  • Afterwards, you will provide copies of the invoices and proofs of payment.
  • The pre-seed loan is a loan to your company (BV).
  • The directors of the company, as registered by the Chamber of Commerce, are guarantors in private and through their personal holding (if applicable).
  • The Loan Agreement has a maximum term of 60 months.
  • Interest is payable in monthly installments, the first of which will be paid in the last week of the first month following payment of the loan.
  • The Loan will be repaid in 36 equal monthly installments, the first of which will be paid 2 years after the start of the Loan Agreement.
  • The Loan may be repaid before expiry without penalty.
  • You will inform the Rabo Pre-Seed Fund and UtrechtInc about the progress and financial status of your company at least once per year.

Since 2006, we have funded €3.663.000 to 88 startups (163 loans).

How do you apply?

  1. Be sure that you participate in the UtrechtInc program.

  2. Fill in the application form.

  3. We contact you for a first intake.

  4. Pitch for a Jury of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and innovation experts.

  5. After a positive advice of the Jury, we sign the contract and the money will be transferred to your account.

  6. You and your team build a beautiful fast growing business.

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